Saturday, November 9, 2013

celiac children

The Celiac disease is an intestinal disease characterized by the rejection of gluten. It is one of the most common chronic intestinal diseases , being hereditary , many children suffer .

Children suffering from celiac gluten intolerance. This means that the child reacts badly to eating foods containing barley, wheat , oats , rye , malt ... this intolerance in children can lead to the destruction of the hair in the small intestine , causing the child not absorb nutrients from eating .

Spain is estimated that 1 in 200 children born celiac. The disease is hereditary , so it is not uncommon to find it in various household members. In the event that someone in the family is detected , the other must be tested.

Symptoms in children with celiac disease

This health problem can occur at any time , although it is normal to be manifested in children between 6 months and two years old. This is because it is during childhood when you start eating meals .

The symptoms in these children appear in several ways:

    The child has diarrhea or constipation .
    These children ever quite the belly grows them .
    They are usually children with weight loss and stunted .
    This may be accompanied with vomiting .

How to deal with children with celiac disease

First child's illness should be diagnosed by the family doctor . The only treatment that can offer the family is a child's dietary reeducation , to be used for life to not consume any food .

It is not easy for parents and children deal with this type of change in a society where meals play a vital role. Parents we inform the school and more control our purchases.

For advice to parents and children , it is advisable to consult with associations, such as FACE .